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Tanya Cox in 'I thought we were going out' ?

Tanya Cox in white bra, huge boobs!
Tanya Cox spreads her legs
Tanya Cox shows us her tight pussy
Tanya Cox in the bath fully clothed
Tanya Cox spreads her legs for wetlook fun
Tanya Cox is a shameless wet slut!

Remember the lovely Tanya Cox? She works down the road at an office... Well, we have been getting quite friendly of late, and she's actually become my girlfriend!

I had totally forgotten about my date with Tanya tonight... We were supposed to be going to a themed fancy dress party... Whoops! & what made it even worse... I'd already started drinking!

She was pretty mad at me for being half drunk, and forgetting about the party... But I knew a way to make it up to her... It involved our favorite room in the house... The bathroom!

So, as I was already too drunk to go out, Tanya Cox decided to stay in and indulge me in some sexy, drunken, wetlook fun! WOW... What a girlfriend! & Boy, did she deliver!

& With VERY RUDE results too !!!




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