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Kaicee Marie in 'Wetlook Fancy Dress Fun' !

Kaicee Marie
Kaicee Marie
Kaicee Marie
Kaicee Marie
Kaicee Marie
Kaicee Marie

Kaicees Wet Fancy Dress Fun!

Kaicee Marie was on her way to a fancy dress party... But she had decided to stop off and smoke a cigarette on the way...

Well, I saw her sat outside in my garden, and went out to ask why she was smoking there... I'm not at school! Came her reply... I'm 22! I'm allowed to smoke!

So, I explained to her that she may well be old enough to smoke... But why is she in my garden? Turned out she didn't realize it was private... & we kinda got chatting...

The conversation soon turned to my favorite subject... Wetlook! & she was amazed! 'People actually enjoy getting wet in their clothes'? She asked me...

I told her that YES... Its a fantastic feeling... Perhaps she would like to forget the party, come upstairs, and find out...




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