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Do the videos contain actual sex? No

Do the videos contain nudity? Brief nudity, yes.

Are the videos of a sexual nature? Yes - This is not 'Purist Classic Wetlook'

So are these videos wetlook or porn? Wetlook with sexual overtones.


What do these videos consist of? 

Nearly all videos follow a set routine. I usually meet the girl and establish a 'story line' - a 'reason' for the girl being there, and why she should end up getting wet... Then we go to the bathroom, and I soak them. Gradually and taking my time, until they are completely soaked in all of their clothes. They usually end up masturbating, but they keep ALL their clothing on, throughout the video...

So, all videos are kind of the same then? Seen one... Seen them all?

No. Because although the setup is pre arranged, what happens in the bathroom is not. I simply live out my fantasy with the camera in my hand... I do whatever I would like to do, should the situation be real... Imagine a beautiful girl knocked on your door, in sexy office wear, and offered to climb into your bath... You can do whatever you want to her... What would YOU do???

So... Your 'perving' on the girls then?

Pretty much... Yes ! I am simply bringing MY wetlook fantasies to life. And acting them out, as I would if they were real... And they are kinda real to me... So I get into the moment, and do whatever I feel like at the time... That's why each video is different :) I am rather rude, naughty, and make sexual suggestions and innuendo, as I enjoy my wetlook fun... But - Again - That's as far as it goes. 

This 'POV'... What's all that about then?

POV stands for 'Point Of View' - In porn, it usually means that the camera guy has sex with the girls - But my site is NOT porn. I do NOT have sex with anyone.

OK... So... No Sex... So... Why POV then?

Because I interact with the girls, reach out and touch them, as they get wet, and chat throughout... You are seeing MY wetlook adventure through my eyes. My hand reaching out is your hand... I am saying and doing exactly what I want to do and say, given the sexy scenario infront of me. Hopefully, if you were in my shoes, you would want to do and say similar things...


What are you trying to achieve?

I have been a wetlook fan for many years, but felt unable to find the wetlook style that I wanted to see online. Wetlook was either 'classic style' where we watch the girl from a distance, gracefully getting wet... Or 'Porn' where the girl got her clothing wet, but then ended up naked after a few minutes or so, completely defeating the idea of it being wetlook. So... I decided to create my own. My videos are of a more sexual nature than the classic style, but don't involve full nudity. My videos are pretty unique. You wont find anything else quite the same on the internet.

So... To 'Sum Up'...
I do NOT expect my wetlook videos to be of interest to everyone. I am not making them to appeal to the masses. I am simply making the type of wetlook videos that I myself would be buying... Had they been available! But, they were not available... So, I create my own, and make them available to those who share my taste... That's what my site is about. I invite you join me, in my creation of the scenarios that I could only dream of... Before my site :)


Q: How do I purchase and download the videos?

A: Its all done via the trusted clips4sale platform - Our store ID is http://clips4sale.com/67539


Q: Is this a 'ONE OFF PAYMENT' or am I joining a 'Membership' site?

A: Its a ONE TIME PAYMENT. You're simply purchasing the video you have chosen, to download and keep forever...
Your Credit Card will NOT BE RE-BILLED




Q: What is the quality of the video's? Are they in high definition, and what
is the resolution?

A: No, they are NOT high definition... But that's because the camera I use is a waterproof camera,enabling me to get really close to the action, without the obvious worries...

But to answer your question, vids are in MPG format,


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